Fuelling for F45 and CrossFit - Part 2

Let’s keep this uber specific to high intensity training (e.g. F45 & CrossFit). Firstly, we each contain the necessary energy (carbs, fat & protein) our muscles need to train as hard as we can for 60 minutes. This is based on the assumption you have the big ticket items discussed in Part 1 in place. This includes 3 nutritious main meals and healthy snacks in between. Part 2 will focus on fuelling for training and recovery. This is an area full of misinformation, confusion and false promises. Let’s set the record straight. Fuelling your training and recovery The following information is based on the most common questions I’ve received over the years from people that subscribe to high intensit

Fuelling for F45 and CrossFit - Part 1

Part 1: Big ticket nutrition Whether your aim is to reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, increase speed and/or endurance, or simply to get fit, feel and look good, you could be undoing all of your hard work in the gym by following the wrong meal pattern. In many cases, what you eat before and after training, combined with your usual daily meal pattern, is just as important in achieving your goals as the training itself. There’s a tonne of conflicting nutrition information out there on the interweb, in magazines, television commercials, and across social media. People are confused, as evidenced by the large audience at my last F45 Q & A nutrition session. In this three part series, I will d

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