Our obsession with thin is making us fat!

Most diets rely on reducing body fat by restricting the calories we eat and increasing our activity. Many of us have spent years eating low-fat food, counting calories, going on extreme fitness regimes and testing out our willpower…There’s just one problem with this sort of strategy – it treats the symptoms and not the cause, so people may experience short-term results…until biology kicks in. Enter the brain. Our brain is like a supercomputer, processing enormous amounts of information at any given time. The brain, therefore, uses a large percentage of our daily energy expenditure. Restricting calorie intake (dieting) is alarming to the brain, for if there was to be an energy shortage, the r

Easier said than done….

In my last post I provided my 3 top tips to lose weight and be healthy: 1. Turn the starvation alarm off – help your brain relax by avoiding calorie restriction to lose weight. 2. Reduce insulin spiking foods and drinks – go easy on refined sugary and starchy carbohydrates, and enjoy a variety of good quality fats, proteins and unrefined carbohydrates in the form of nuts/seeds, oils, oily fish, lean meats, eggs, beans and non-starchy vegetables – broccoli, asparagus, capsicum, cauliflower, spinach. 3. Get the life stuff in order (as much as you can) – perform physical activity you actually enjoy, get a good night's sleep and incorporate stress relief practices into your day. Nothing concerni

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