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3 kilograms in 30 days!

To many of us, 3 kg in 30 days doesn’t sound that impressive. Those that have dieted before, using Paleo, 5 and 2 Intermittent Fasting, Dukan, Atkins, Weight Watchers etc...have no doubt seen more impressive short-term weight loss results.

If this sounds like you, let me ask you this. Have you managed to keep the weight off long-term?

2.2 kg's of fat

We know that 9 in 10 people that go on a diet to lose weight will put it all back on, and sometimes more. We also know that the more people go on diets, the harder it becomes to lose weight in subsequent attempts. It’s like your body wises up to the process and tries to prevent the weight loss from occurring.

So why are we pouring our hard earned cash into a weight loss industry that doesn’t hit the mark on most occasions? By the way, the collective weight loss industries of the US, UK and Australia are estimated to be worth $200 Billion per annum. Where’s the sense in all of this?

Meet Dorothy (actual client). Dorothy has been on every diet known to man. She used to blame herself for not being able to stick to the various rules and restrictions dictated by these one-size-fits-all diet solutions. She thought she lacked willpower, which in turn played with her confidence and self-esteem.

Last year, Dorothy tried the Daily Dietician program. She had worked up the courage to embark on another weight loss attempt. Only this time, she was promised that she would not be going on a ‘diet’ per se. In the first month Dorothy lost 3 kg. However, it was the easiest 3 kg she’d ever lost. All Dorothy did was adjust the proportions within her normal meals.

Click here for 3 of Dorothy's healthy recipes.

Dorothy kept her breakfast as usual, a low-sugar muesli with Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit. Then for lunch and dinner, she increased the vegetable proportions and decreased the protein and carbohydrate proportions on her plate. Same amount of food, just modified for weight loss. She was coached through this as part of the Daily Dietician program.

Dorothy kept losing weight, 2 kg the next month, another 2 kg the following month. The premise behind this gradual loss of weight was not to alarm Dorothy’s brain into thinking it was running out of energy stores (fat), as is what happens on a restrictive diet. When this happens, no amount of willpower can stop us from putting the weight back on.

Dorothy has maintained her total weight loss of 7 kg for over a year. The changes made to her existing meal pattern were only minor, therefore they actually stuck long-term. Overtime time, willpower became less important as her new habits kicked in. Something she checked in on every day throughout the program.

Click here for 3 of Dorothy’s favourite recipes that helped her achieve weight loss success.

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