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Gut Health Dietitian

Improve Your Gut Health with Dietitian Support

Whether you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), want to lose weight, or increase your chances of conceiving, you can positively affect your situation by improving your gut health with our dietitian's help. We are highly knowledgeable and have experience working in the nutrition industry.

Background to Fertility Nutritionist

Our fertility dietitian can educate you about how nutrition and lifestyle can have a positive or negative impact on your chances of conceiving. These areas may include:

  • Maintaining a healthy body weight for men: Male obesity can affect testosterone and other hormone levels, lead to low sperm count and reduced mobility which may impact fertility. By maintaining ideal body weight and eating a balanced diet, men may produce stronger sperm and improve their fertility.

  • Changing your diet to include iron-rich foods: One cause of infertility relates to female ovulation. A study carried out by The Nurses’ Health Study II showed that a diet rich in iron may help to lower the risk of ovulatory infertility. A nutritionist can help you with a meal plan to ensure that your body is receiving enough iron and implementing vitamin C into your diet to help with iron absorption.

  • Discovering your ideal eating plan for your lifestyle: Rather than following a fad diet which can deplete your body of essential nutrients it needs for pregnancy; a fertility dietitian can create a personalised meal plan. This guidance will help you to maintain a healthy weight which may improve your fertility.

We can guide to make changes to your daily habits which may increase your fertility.

What You Should Know About FODMAP Dietitian in Perth

A low FODMAP diet consists of limiting the amount of fermenting carbohydrates you consume which may provide long term relief from irritable bowel syndrome. Our dietitian can assist you in following a FODMAP diet which may include:

  • Starting with the restriction of high FODMAP foods: We will help you to understand which food you can consume in this restriction phase which will last between two and six weeks. This initial step is important to see if your IBS is sensitive to FODMAP foods which can be indicated by an improvement of symptoms during this time.

  • Reintroduction of certain foods: After restricting high-FODMAPs, we help you to systematically reintroduce food into your diet to help identify your unique IBS triggers. It also ensures that you don’t limit certain foods unnecessarily if they don’t cause you any issues. This process includes the order, when and how much food to reintroduce.

  • Personalised meal plan: Once you know which foods you can eat and what to avoid, we can help create a custom meal plan with the types and amounts of food tailored to your personal tolerance.

About Nutrition Nation

We provide a nutrition behaviour coaching service that can include weight loss education, target the underlying cause of obesity, help to find relief from IBS symptoms, fertility guidance and more. Our clients receive one-on-one premium consultations tailored to their lifestyle and health situation. We are an Accredited Practising Dietitian, sports nutritionist, health educator and speaker and are covered by major private health funds. Contact us today to book a consultation with our nutrition consultant.

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