2 Dec 2016

Have you ever felt guilty over the holiday period for overindulging? Does one day of unhealthy eating derail your efforts to get back on the wagon until January? Do you set unrealistic New Year’s resolutions, thrashing it out in the gym throughout January to ‘cancel ou...

1 Nov 2016

Part 3: Credible supplements

Throughout Part 1 of ‘Fuelling for F45 and CrossFit’, the focus was on getting the big ticket items sorted first to get the best results from your training.

Part 2 focused more specifically on fuelling before and after F45 and CrossFit traini...

20 Oct 2016

Let’s keep this uber specific to high intensity training (e.g. F45 & CrossFit). Firstly, we each contain the necessary energy (carbs, fat & protein) our muscles need to train as hard as we can for 60 minutes. This is based on the assumption you have the big ticket item...

14 Oct 2016

Part 1: Big ticket nutrition

Whether your aim is to reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, increase speed and/or endurance, or simply to get fit, feel and look good, you could be undoing all of your hard work in the gym by following the wrong meal pattern.

In many cases,...

15 Sep 2016

Like with most professions, working as a dietitian has its pros and cons. Sure there’s upside, I help people for a living. Job satisfaction…tick. I also apply much that I have learned over the years to my own eating pattern. But if you’re thinking I’m a clean eating, r...

31 Jul 2016

Time and time again I see people who want to eat healthy food succumb to competing pressures. Whether it is price, convenience, time, mood, stress, work, temptation, or any other factors that influence our eating patterns, when push comes to shove, eating nutritious fo...

13 Jun 2016

Millions of people pour their heart, soul and hard earned money into weight-loss products and services that don’t usually work. While losing weight in the short-term doesn’t seem to be a problem for some, keeping it off is a real struggle, even for the most determined...

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